Client Benefits

Client Benefits

Don’t get what you pay for! Expect more for what you pay - that’s the AccuMD philosophy.

Are you currently outsourcing any or all of your accounts receivable management process? Do you feel your billing service is just as dedicated to collecting from you as they are the insurance carriers? Are you really being provided with an efficient and cost effective method of managing your precious cash flow?

AccuMD completely manages your reimbursement process. Free yourself and your staff from the paperwork headaches of claim processing. Focus more time on treating patient ills - not chasing patient’s bills. Protect your cash flow from employee turnover. Reduce your claim processing expenses by as much as 66% - even if you are currently out sourcing your claim processing.

We work with you and your staff as closely as your private in-house biller and SAVE you BIG $ by:

Eliminating Billing Employee Expenses (salary, benefits, sick pay, etc)

  • Elimination the cost of forms and supplies
  • Eliminating the high cost of hardware and software upgrading and updating.
  • Reducing your telephone and postage expenses significantly

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When it comes to medical billing service companies, nobody can beat us!

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