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While your primary concern is always for your patients, it is the financial well-being of your practice that enables you to provide them with the highest quality services. Unless your practice is profitable, you will not be able to make the ongoing investments required to offer the finest in patient care.  AccuMD Medical Billing is here to help.

Your education, experience, and passion for quality healthcare have prepared you well for caring for patients, but not necessarily for managing your receivables. Understanding insurance bureaucracies, compliance requirements, and accounting disciplines can take a significant toll on your resources. More importantly, the time and attention required for performing these administrative functions can detract significantly from the time and attention needed for patients.

Electronic medical billing

Learn how AccuMD medical billing professional electronic medical billing services can process 100% of your medical insurance claims without those annoying returns from Medicare and private insurance carriers that end up in your "HOLD" drawer.

AccuMD electronic processed medical billing insurance claims are receiving payments for the health care provider within 7 to 14 working days. We will also process manual data entry claims for you if you are a small billing provider until your medical practice and billing demands grow.

Accurate medical billing services

Only error free claims are submitted with AccuMD medical billing editing software to the insurance carriers. You will be notified when we find clerical errors in claims that you have uploaded to our system for corrections . This assures your practice will receive prompt payment and eliminates insurance carriers holding or rejecting claim payments for 60 or 90 days for non apparent reasons. All medical claims are edited three times for errors before leaving our office so that we may guarantee there will be no resubmission fees or delays.

When it comes to medical billing service companies, nobody can beat our medical billing service!

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